I was born in 1957 and lived most of my life in Isleworth, Middlesex (or West London as they now call it). Where it is can be seen on the map below:

I was baptised in St Bridgets church

I went to Primary School in Isleworth, St Mary's at the junction of South Street and Twickenham Road. Behind the church.

From there, miracle of miracles, I passed my 11+ and went to Gunnersbury Grammar School when it was sited on Gunnersbury Avenue, London W4. Those who attended that school about the same time will recognise this.

From there I worked for various local companies before I moved to West Wales in 1993.


It is concerned with most things close to the River Thames. When I lived in Isleworth it was only 5 minutes walk to the river and you would never believe you were so close to London.

If you recognise this place by the river

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