Welcome to my new website.



I've now moved out of Freshwater East and now live in Pembroke Dock in the County of Pembrokeshire. All around is the National Park, a couple of Military Firing Ranges, a big estuary, three Oil Refineries, two Liquefied Natural Gas Terminals.

I live with my Partner of 10 years, Sheila and two cats, I suppose I'd better put their photo's on here


Burke (now)                                                 Hare (now)


Burke (when a kitten)                                                 Hare (when a kitten)

We now have another two cats, that we've been forced to foster

Moo   and    Zip

Sadly Zip is no longer with us


Sheila's into making cakes and decorating them. If you want to see more click on the button:-


Sheila's Cakes


As I'm a man of leisure again, you can take a copy of my CV if you can help me get job