A small town in east Kent where my grandparents lived. We would holiday every summer there and often during half or end of term I'd be packed off down there. My grandparents are now deceased and are buried in Minster cemetery, a couple of miles south of Birchington.

Where they Lived  Minster Cemetary




Where Birchington is can be seen on this map







Here are some pictures of how the 'village' used to look:

The Square at Birchington showing All Saints (left) and the Powell Arms (centre)
Another picture of the square
Station Road looking south
The square looking towards the Canterbury Road heading for Margate
The square looking east towards the Canterbury Road heading for Margate
An aerial view of Grenham Bay circa 1955 (I think) prior to the sea wall being built
MacFisheries in Birchington in 1932. Then became International Stores, then Gateway, then vanished
The old Village pond in Birchington
The New Inn on the square
Market Place with the Canterbury Road heading east
The 'New Inn' after being renamed the 'Pewter Pot' 
The entrance to the old Regal cinema which became a bingo hall and nightclub. You can still find the entrance on Station Road.

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